20 Haikus Themed Around The Concept of Beauty

Here are 20 haikus themed around the concept of beauty

A rose in full bloom,

Delicate as a whisper,

Spring's beauty unveiled.

Dewdrops on petals,

Glistening in dawn's soft light,

Nature's diamonds shine.
Golden sunset hues,

Day's grand farewell to the night,

Stunning artistry.
Moonlight on the lake,

Silver path to the unknown,

Beauty in silence.

Autumn leaves falling,

A kaleidoscope of hues,

Beautiful decay.
Ocean waves crash, gleam,

Moon's mirror in the endless deep,

Nature's dance is pure.
Cherry blossoms bloom,

Soft whispers of fleeting life,

Delicate beauty.

Snowflakes' gentle dance,

Winter's grace in each descent,

Intricate design.
Mountains standing tall,

Nature’s ancient majesty,

Beauty carved by time.
A night sky adorned,

Stars scattered like diamond dust,

Eternal beauty.

Sun's first light breaking,

A world reborn from darkness,

Morning’s radiant gift.
Silence in the woods,

Beauty in the hush, the calm,

Nature holds its breath.
Fields of golden wheat,

Nature's bounty bathed in sun,

Rustic beauty, pure.
Wild horses running,

Mane and muscle, wind and earth,

Fierce beauty in flight.

Morning mist rising,

Hiding the world's sharp edges,

Soft beauty revealed.
Rain's sweet aftermath,

Rainbow arcs across the sky,

Nature's palette, bright.
Beneath the old oak,

A carpet of bluebells bloom,

Springtime’s sweet encore.

Sunset paints the sky,

Day's fiery last breath exhaled,

Beauty's grand goodbye.
In the forest's heart,

A river's gentle whisper,

Quiet beauty flows.
Frost-kissed winter morn,

Nature caught in crystal hush,

Silent beauty, still.

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