Something Red

All the poems on this page were inspired by something red. Sonnet to a Scarlet Rose In gardens where the morning dew does gleam,A scarlet rose stands tall, in splendor dressed.Its petals, like the strokes of a painter’s dream,In vibrant reds, the artist’s love confessed. Each droplet holds a world within its sphere,Reflecting light, a … Read more

Poems about Enchanted Meadows

Field Mouse at Night

Here are some poems about “enchanted meadows”. Whispers of the Enchanted Glade In the heart of the ancient woods, Beyond trails that mortals tread, Lies a meadow, bathed in moon’s glow, Where even time seems to have fled. Every blade of grass tells a tale, Of lovers lost, of dreams reborn, Queer spirits dance in … Read more

Poems about A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love Is A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime A mother’s love is a gift that lasts a lifetime, A bond that endures through every strife and climb. It’s a beacon of hope that shines through the dark, A flame that never falters, an eternal spark. In infancy, it cradles us in gentle arms, … Read more

Poems about Being Invisible

Here are some poems about being invisible Invisible, Unseen Invisible, unseen A ghost in plain sight Walking among the living But never in the light No one to hear my voice No one to see my face Just a whisper in the wind A forgotten trace I long to be known To have a place … Read more

A Day in The Life of A Butterfly

A day in the life of a butterfly, A journey of beauty and grace, From the moment it rises up high, To the moment it finds its resting place. The morning sun warms its wings, As it dances among the flowers, A symphony of colors it brings, As it flits and flutters for hours. It … Read more