Life’s Journey in the Style of Various Poets


Life’s Journey in the style of William Wordsworth

I wandered freely as a stream,
That rolls its waters in the gleam,
Through hills and vales with careless ease,
In concert with the murmuring breeze.

It was a sight of humbling grace,
To reflect upon this human race.
We journey through our span of years,
In joy, in sorrow, love and fears.

To scale the heights and taste the sky,
And in the valleys, lowly lie.
Life unfolds like a flower's bloom,
In youth's sweet light, and age's gloom.

We are like birds on the wing,
Chasing seasons in their spring,
The journey winds, and so we go,
Through summer’s heat and winter's snow.

So in this vast and wondrous earth,
Through death and life, and love's rebirth,
Life’s journey is a cherished thing,
In every season it will bring.

Remember, though the journey's hard,
Each soul its own, a unique bard.
Sing loud, the verses of your days,
In all life's varied, splendid ways.

Life’s Journey in the Style of John Keats

Upon life's journey, vast and sweet,
Where joy and sorrow often meet,
We traverse 'neath the sapphire sky,
Where dreams take wing and spirits fly.

Like roses kissed by morning dew,
Life’s moments, fleeting, precious, true,
We drink in bliss, taste bitter woe,
In this grand play, we come and go.

A symphony of human fate,
In love we find, in loss we wait.
Life, an urn with joys untold,
And tales of youth and age unfold.

Through summer's warmth and winter's chill,
Our hearts with life's rich wine we fill.
Each dawn a birth, each dusk a death,
Caught in the rhythm of life's breath.

In this great sonnet we partake,
Of love and loss, of give and take.
On this journey, let us weave,
A life of moments, to believe.

So, in the quiet, tender night,
We find life's pain, and its delight,
Each line we write, each word we say,
Marks our journey, day by day.

Life’s Journey in the Style of Emily Dickinson

Life's journey - but a curious road,
That takes us far - from our abode.
Uncharted path - with twists and bends,
Uncertain where - the journey ends.

Each sunrise brings - a new surprise,
As we beneath - the azure skies,
Take steps in joy - and sometimes pain,
In sunshine bright - and pelting rain.

We pause to marvel - at the sight,
Of fleeting day - and encroaching night,
And all the while - the journey winds,
Seeking what - the heart defines.

Our footprints etched - on time's soft sand,
Speak volumes of - our mortal land.
Life is a book - we write and read,
Of love and loss - of thought and deed.

In this vast voyage - of the soul,
We learn to live - we learn to grow,
Though we may stumble - now and then,
The journey shapes us - women and men.

And when the twilight - shadows fall,
And the final curtain - begins its call,
One truth remains - amidst the strife,
The journey, not the end, is life.

Life’s Journey in the Style of

Life’s Journey in the Style of

Life’s Journey in the Style of

Life’s Journey in the Style of

Life’s Journey in the Style of

Life’s Journey in the Style of

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