Motivational Short Poems

Motivational poems are great
They help us get up when we’re feeling down
They give us hope and make us strong
So we can keep on moving on

They remind us that we can do it
That we’re not alone in this world
And that all our dreams are still alive
We just have to keep on striving

So a motivational poem is like a friend
Who’s always there for you
When you need some encouragement
To help you see the light once more.

The Hardest Things

The hardest things in life
Are the things that we have to persistence for
When all we want is to give up
But we have to hold on
Cause what’s waiting for us on the other side
Is worth everything we go through.

A Powerful Tool

Motivation is a powerful tool.
Heading down the right path,
you will find what you’re looking for,
determination is key,
and success will be yours.

The Key To Success

Motivation is the key to success
In everything that we do in life
If we want to be the best that we can be
We have to be always motivated
With a positive attitude towards life
No matter what life throws our way
We can always succeed with motivation
It’s what keeps us going day by day.

Getting Ahead

If you want to get ahead in life
You’ll have to climb over some obstacles
There’s no other way to go
Just put your shoulder to the wheel
And keep on pushing forward
Don’t let anyone stop you
No matter how big they are
When you reach the top
You’ll be proud of what you’ve done

A Positive Attitude

Whenever a challenge comes my way
I know that I can face it with a positive attitude
I have faith that good things will come my way
Everything will work out in the end
I choose to be happy and hopeful each and every day
No matter what life throws my way
I’ll always maintain a positive attitude.

Helping Each Other

Moving forward is all we can do
Helping each other is the key
When times get tough and we feel blue
We have to keep moving forward
Our dreams are just ahead of us
holding our hand
Together we will make it through.

Be Courageous

When life knocks you down,
stand back up and be courageous.
Do not let your fears control you,
but conquer them instead.
Your strength will shine through,
and you will be able to do anything.
So when the next challenge comes along,
be courageous and face it head on.


sometimes it’s all we have to get by
on the darkest of days, when we just can’t find the light
determination is what gets us through
it’s what helps us pick ourselves up and try again
no matter how many times we fall down
determination never gives up on us
it’s our constant companion in life,
shining a light through the darkness
leading us to our destination.


It’s the little things that we do every day
That push us closer to our dreams
It’s the times we get back up after we’ve been knocked down
That show how strong we really are
It’s the never give up, never say die attitude
That will help us reach our goals
So don’t give up, keep on fighting
For it is only through persistence
That we will succeed.


The harder the obstacle,
the more rewarding the success.
Never give up, never back down.
With grit and determination,
anything is possible.

Always Obstacles in the Way

There are always obstacles in our way
While we’re trying to find our destiny
We must overcome whatever comes our way
And never give up in the face of adversity
Trying to achieve our dreams and goals
Is never going to be easy, that’s for sure
But with perseverance and determination
We’ll get there in the end, no doubt

When the Path is Steep

When the path is steep and the climb is high,
When the journey is long and the obstacles many,
When your feet are tired and your heart is heavy,
When the road ahead looks dark and dreary,
When the way is winding and the path uncertain,
When you can’t see the finish line and you’re not sure you can make it,
When your strength is waning and your courage fails,
When giving up seems easier than going on,
Remember why you started and don’t give up now.
For only by persistence will you reach the summit.

Courage Is Not The Absence Of Fear

Courage is not the absence of fear
It’s the ability to continue when fear is present
It’s moving forward when we’re not sure
It’s admitting we’re weak and still trying
Courage is doing what we’re afraid to do
It’s the strength to keep going when we want to give up
It’s picking ourselves up after we fall
Courage is the little voice inside that tells us to keep going
It’s knowing we can do it, even if we don’t know how
Courage is what helps us get through hard times
It’s what makes us strong and allows us to shine.

Define Your Own Life!

You define your own life, no one else can do it for you.
You create your own happiness, no one else can make you smile.
You choose your own path, no one can tell you what to do.
You are in control of your own destiny, no one else can choose for you.
You are the architect of your own future, no one else can build it for you.
You are the writer of your own story, no one else can write it for you.
And most importantly, you are the one who decides who you want to be.

You Can Be Anything

You can be anything you want to be,
Anything your heart desires.
Just put your mind to it and go for it,
There’s nothing that you can’t do.
Believe in yourself and don’t let anyone
Stand in your way, because you can be anything you want.

Now What Do You Want To Be?

Now what do you want to be?
It’s time to think about your future
and what you want to achieve
There are so many things that you can do
but you have to find the right one for you
So think about what you like to do
and what you’re good at too
Then you can start to make your plan
and become who you want to be.

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In these strange times we live in
Tell us what you see in the future
Is it bright, or is it bleak?
Speak to us, and tell us your thoughts
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2 thoughts on “Motivational Short Poems”

  1. My Mum used to say something like this when I avoided jobs;-
    If you’ve got a job to do DO IT NOW
    If its one you wish was through DO IT Now
    Don’t ???? and ??? and moan
    IF the jobs for you alone
    If you’ve got a job to do DO IT NOW”

    I’m not sure what the missing bits are but there might be variations.
    I find it does work!


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