Paths Of Reflection : Poems And Poets

A diverging path in a forest

In life’s vast, tumultuous play,
Where scenes shift with the light of day,
Each act, a lesson, a hidden sway,
To learn, to bend, to find our way.

From Shakespeare’s quill, a truth so bright,
That life’s a stage, both day and night,
In every role, in every plight,
We learn to act, in darkness and light.

Wordsworth’s dales and dappled streams,
Teach us to find our quiet dreams,
In nature’s arms, where sunlight gleams,
We learn to flow, like gentle streams.

Emily Dickinson, in her reclusive bower,
Found strength and solace in the quiet hour,
In her solitude, a blooming flower,
Teaching us resilience, an inner power.

Poe’s tales, dark and deep,
Show how fears and sorrows seep,
Yet in his lines, a wisdom creep,
To adjust to nightmares, even in sleep.

Robert Frost, with roads diverging in a wood,
Speaks of choices, bad and good,
In each path, a lesson stood,
To adjust our steps, as we should.

Wilde, with his wit so keen,
Showed that life is but a scene,
In every jest, a truth unseen,
To adjust our masks, serene.

Through the verses of these sages,
Echoing down through ages,
Life’s script is written in many pages,
To learn and grow, our endless wages.

So let us embrace this endless play,
Adjust our sails, come what may,
In life’s grand, tumultuous fray,
We learn, we love, we live each day.

An hour glass with stars behind

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