Poems about Being Invisible

Here are some poems about being invisible

Invisible, Unseen

Invisible, unseen
A ghost in plain sight
Walking among the living
But never in the light

No one to hear my voice
No one to see my face
Just a whisper in the wind
A forgotten trace

I long to be known
To have a place in this world
But the more I try to show
The more my presence unfurled

Invisible, a curse
Or so it may seem
But in this invisibility
I am truly free to dream

To dream of a day
When I am finally seen
When the world will know my name
And my invisibility will be a thing of the past

Until that day, I'll simply be
The invisible one, forever last.

A Silent Observer

Invisible, a cloak of power
A shield from prying eyes
A freedom like no other
A chance to truly rise

I walk among the masses
A stranger in the crowd
A silent observer
A watcher, unbound

I see the world for what it is
Without the need to hide
I can be my truest self
With nothing to abide

I am free to be who I am
Without the need for show
I can be the person I want
Without the weight of the world to know

Invisible, a blessing
A gift that I embrace
For in this invisibility
I find my truest place

So let them go their way
And live their lives in view
I'll take my invisibility
And make it something true.

Once Invisible

Here lies a soul once lost
In the shadows of the crowd
A voice once silenced
Now speaking loud

Here lies a heart once broken
By the weight of being unseen
But now it beats with purpose
A fiery being, aglow and keen

Here lies a spirit once caged
Trapped within invisibility
But now it soars, unchained
A true original, with originality

Here lies a mind once clouded
By the fear of being forgotten
But now it shines, unshackled
A force to be reckoned with, unbroken

Here lies a person once invisible
But now a force to be reckoned with
Empowering others to rise above
And break free from their invisible itch.

Slipping Through Crowds

I slip through crowds unnoticed
A master of disguise
I sneak into secret places
And see the world with new eyes

I'm the king of invisibility
A ruler of the unseen
I wander where I please
And live my life like a dream

I'm free from judgment and critique
Free from the need to please
I can be who I truly am
And live life at my own ease

I can go where I please
Explore and discover
I'm the king of invisibility
And I am truly a lover

Of the freedom it brings
Of the life it allows me to live
I am the king of invisibility
And I will always give

Thanks to this magical force
That sets me free every day
I'm the king of invisibility
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

The Invisible Detective

I'm the invisible detective,
a shadow in the night
I slip through the streets unseen
in search of what is right

I watch and I listen
gathering clues and evidence
I'm always on the case
with my keen intelligence

I'm the master of disguise
a chameleon in plain sight
I blend in with the crowd
and vanish in the night

I'm the one they call on
when the case is just too tough
I'll get to the bottom of it
with my stealth and my guile

I'm the invisible detective
and I'll always get my man
I'll uncover the truth
and bring justice to this land

No one can see me coming
I'm a ghost in the machine
But I'm always on the case
and I'll never be unseen.

The Invisible Cat

An invisible cat, a mystery
A feline that's hard to see
A creature of the night
A shadow, a ghost, a sprite

It prowls the streets unseen
A hunter in the dark
A silent companion
A feline spark

It jumps and it plays
But no one can hear
It's a cat that's not there
But it's always near

It curls up on laps
But no one can feel
It's a cat that's not there
But its purring is real

It's an enigma, a puzzle
A cat that's hard to trace
An invisible cat
In a world full of grace

It's a feline friend
To those who believe
An invisible cat
A companion to keep.

The Invisible School Child

An invisible child, a ghost in the halls
A trickster, a jester, who never falls
A master of pranks and laughter
A student who walks ever after

A ruler of the shadows, unseen
A master of the game, unbroken
A voice that echoes, never mean
A child who's always spoken

A pencil that writes on its own
A book that flips on command
A laughter that echoes alone
A child who's always in demand

A troublemaker, but with a heart of gold
A prankster, but with a smile
A student, but never old
A child who's always in style

An invisible child, a ghost in the school
A trickster, a jester, forever young
A master of mischief, always cool
A student, whose story has just begun.

A State of Being

Invisible, a state of being
A condition of the heart
A feeling of emptiness
A tear that never starts

It's a pain that's hard to describe
A sorrow that's hard to bear
A weight that's hard to lift
A burden that's hard to share

It's a feeling of insignificance
A sense of being overlooked
A feeling of being unwanted
A feeling of being mistook

It's a loneliness that's hard to shake
A isolation that's hard to break
A yearning for connection
A longing for a place to make

But in this invisibility
There's a power that's hard to see
A strength that comes from within
A resilience that's set us free

For in the darkness
There's a light that shines
For in the invisibility
There's a purpose that aligns

So let us embrace our invisibility
And use it as a tool
To find our voice
And break the rules

For in the invisibility
There's a chance to be truly seen
To be our authentic selves
And live the life we've always dreamt of being.

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