Poems about Kittens

Who wrote poems about kittens?
It must have been a gentle soul
The writer must have felt something special
For in their poems they would extol
The kitten’s virtues, their innocence and charm
For the kitten is a creature of great beauty
In the eyes of the writer, they seem to see
potential in these little creatures
And this is what touches our hearts
We all resonate with this message
That even though these animals are small
They can make a big difference in our lives.

Who Wrote Poems about Cats?

There are many poets who wrote poems about cats,
But the most famous one is T.S. Eliot.
He said that a cat is “a solemn creature,”
Who “measures time in hours and days,
And months and years,”
Unlike us humans who “reckon only in minutes and weeks.”
Cats are independent creatures,
But they also form strong bonds with their owners.
Eliot said that a cat has “nine lives,”
Which is why they always seem to land on their feet.

There’s Something Special About A Kitten

There’s something special about a kitten,
So soft, and sweet, and small.
A newborn ball of fluff,
Cute as can be, is Heaven’s gift.

What precious eyes they have,
Like little bits of sky.
And when they start to purr,
You can’t help but feel content.

They bring a smile to everyone’s face,
Including those who are tough.
For when you hold a kitten close,
You feel your heart grow warm.

Look At These Little Kittens

Look at these little kittens
So soft, so cuddly, so sweet
The way they purr and play
Makes my heart feel warm and gay.

I can’t imagine life without them
These furry little bundles of joy
They bring happiness to my days
And love to my lonely nights.

Kittens Are So Adorable

Kittens are so adorable,
With their big eyes and fluffy fur.
They’re playful and curious,
And always up for a game.

It’s hard not to love kittens,
Their innocence is so sweet.
They’re like little angels,
Cuddling and purring in your arms.

What Do Kittens Love Most?

Some people think that kittens like to play
With little balls of yarn or tiny toy mice
But really, what kittens like the best
Is simply spending time with their human pet.

Kittens love to be around people, to feel the touch
Of someone who will give them lots of love and care
That’s why they’re so happy when they’re curled up near
Their favorite person, asleep and purring.

Buy a Kitten When You’re Old and Grey

You should buy a kitten when you’re old and gray,
not when you’re young and in need of fun.
They’ll be your best friend when the days are long,
and they’ll keep you company when you’re alone.
Kittens are the perfect pet to have,
and they won’t care how many wrinkles you have.

I Wish I Knew…

I wish I knew that kittens like to play
And they need lots of toys to stay occupied
They also need a big litter box
And they have to be brushed every day
Otherwise they’ll get a lot of hair balls
But overall they’re really cute and fun
And I’m so glad I have one!

A Room of Its Own

Your kitten needs a room of their own
to sleep in and play in
for the first 24 hours, at least
and up to two weeks, if you like
so they can get used to their new home
and you can keep an eye on them
making sure they’re safe and sound.

Why Do Kittens Purr?

Kittens purr when they are happy
They purr when they are content
They purr when you pet them
They purr because it feels good
It’s their way of saying thank you
For making them feel loved and warm.

When a Kitten is Content

When a kitten is content,
It purrs in satisfaction.
A sign of being calm and at ease,
Giving off a peaceful vibration.
The kittens that I’ve known,
Seemed happiest when they were loved and shown,
Their bellies full and fur clean,
Having a soft bed to sleep in.

Why Do We Love Watching Kitten Videos?

We can’t help but love watching kitten videos
They are simply so darn cute
There’s something about their little faces and fuzzy tails
That just make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside
And we can’t help but giggle every time they take a tumble
Kitten videos are the best way to brighten up our day
We love watching them over and over again

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