Poems about Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight
Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight

Love at first sight
Oh, how my heart took flight
Visions of you dance in my head
Every moment with you, I dread
For the day we must part
Such a heavy weight on my heart
I know we were meant to be
This love at first sight, it's plain to see

Longing for Someone to Hold

L-onging for someone to hold
O-pening my heart to a new beginning
V-isions of a future filled with love
E-motionally overwhelmed at the sight of you

A-doring every moment spent with you
T-rembling with excitement at the thought of being with you

F-alling deeper in love every day
I-nfatuated with every word and gesture
R-aptured in the feeling of being alive
S-weet surrender to a love so true
T-enderness fills my soul when I'm with you

S-avoring every moment spent in your arms
I-mprinted in my heart, our love will never fade
G-rateful for the love we share, forever and always
H-eart racing at the sight of you
T-houghts consumed with thoughts of you

Energy that can’t be contained

Love at first sight
Opened my eyes to a whole new world
Valentine's Day every day
Energy that can't be contained
At once I knew, you were the one
Flashing before my eyes, our future
Something about you just clicks
Time standing still in your presence
I'll love you until the end of time
Gaze locked, hearts in sync
Heart skipping a beat, love at first sight

A Magic So Rare

Love at first sight, a magic so rare
A moment in time, beyond compare
A spark in the dark, a flame in the night
A love that ignites, a love that is right

It's a feeling so strong, it can't be denied
A love that will last, forever by our side
It's a bond that is deep, a love that is true
A love that is meant to be, forever new

It's a love that is pure, a love that is true
A love that will stand, the whole life through
It's a love that is rare, a love that is grand
A love that is worth fighting for, hand in hand

Love at first sight, a gift from above
A love that is worth all the risks we take
A love that is worth all the sacrifices we make
A love that is worth all the heartaches we endure

Love at first sight, a love that is real
A love that we cherish, and always will feel
A love that we nurture, and always will keep
A love that is worth everything we reap.

The Way You Make Me Feel

Love at first sight
Nothing could compare to the way you make me feel
Every moment with you is like a dream come true
Visions of our future dance in my head
All the doubts and fears disappear
Time spent with you is never wasted
I am yours, forever and always
Grateful for the love we share
Heart overflowing with joy and happiness
Together we can conquer anything, love at first sight

Only Took a Moment

Love at first sight
Only took a moment to know
Visions of forever danced in my head
Energy pulsed between us, unspoken but felt
At last, I've found my soulmate
Flames of passion burn brightly
Since that moment, I've been yours
Time has no power over this love
I'll cherish you for all of eternity
Grateful for the gift of your love
Heart overflowing with joy and happiness

Eternal Flame

At first sight, I felt a spark
A flame that burned deep in my heart
I knew in that moment, our love would never die
It would burn bright and fierce, until the end of time

Your eyes, they shone like the stars above
I was captured by your beauty, and filled with love
I knew in that moment, our souls were meant to be
Forever entwined, in an eternal melody

As the days go by, our love grows stronger
Like a flame that burns forever longer
We are bound by an unbreakable bond
Our love will stand the test of time, forever strong

So let us embrace this love at first sight
And hold on tight, through the darkest night
For our love will burn bright, an eternal flame
Forever in each other's hearts, we remain.

Only Grown Stronger

Our love has only grown stronger
Never a day goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars
For the love at first sight that brought you into my life
Time has flown by, but our love remains the same
I'll love you until the end of time, my dear
Nothing can tear us apart, our love is here to stay
Together forever, thanks to love at first sight

Heart Racing

Heart racing, palms sweating
Nerves on edge, but in a good way
Thrilled by the possibility of what's to come
I can't help but smile, knowing you're the one
Sparks flying, a love so strong it's almost scary
Tingles down my spine, every time we touch
It's like we were meant to be, love at first sight

A Bolt of Lightning

Like a bolt of lightning, our eyes met
Ours hearts beat as one, we can't forget
Vivid and electric, our connection strong
Everlasting love, where we both belong
At first sight, we knew it was true
Forever entwined, our love grew
In that moment, our future was bright
Romance and passion, an endless delight
Sweet and tender, our love will never fade
Time and distance, they cannot invade
So let us cherish this love we've found
In each other's arms, we'll always be bound
Gentle and kind, you complete my soul
Happy and free, our love will unfold

How it Took my Breath Away

Love at first sight
Oh how it took my breath away
Verily I knew in that moment
Eternity with you was my fate

At first I couldn't believe it
Fate had brought you to me
Such a perfect match, it was clear to see
Truly it was love at first sight
Heartbeats syncing, everything felt right
I knew in that moment, our love would take flight

Always Knew It Was Right

Love at first sight
Always knew it was right
Visions of you dance in my head
Every moment spent together, I'm filled with joy and happiness
For you, I am grateful
Truly, I am blessed
In your arms, I feel safe and secure
Forever, my love for you will endure
Sight of you makes my heart sing
Till death do us part, our love will ring

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