Poems about Martin Luther King Jr

A Dreamer of Peace

A dreamer of peace, a leader so true,
Martin Luther King, we honor you.
With words of hope, you fought the fight,
For civil rights, day and night.

Your message rang loud and clear,
Equality for all, we hold dear.
You faced hatred, violence, and fear,
But still, you persevered.

You stood tall on the steps of our land,
And spoke of freedom for all of man.
With your words, you moved a nation,
To strive for a more just equation.

Though you were taken from us too soon,
Your legacy lives on, in the light of the moon.
We will always remember the dream you shared,
Martin Luther King, you truly cared.

So let us walk in your path of love,
And work towards a world that is just.
We will keep your dream alive,
And work towards a future that is bright.

Martin Luther King Jr and the Selma to Montgomery Marches.

In Selma, a battle for rights began,
Martin Luther King, leading the van.
With peace in their hearts, they set out to march,
For the right to vote, they would not arch.

Through streets and roads, they walked with pride,
For freedom and justice, side by side.
But hatred and violence, they did meet,
With Bloody Sunday, a wound so deep.

But still, they fought on, with hope in their hearts,
For equality and a brand new start.
With the power of love, they refused to back down,
And the nation listened, to their peaceful sound.

With the march to Montgomery, they made their stand,
And the Civil Rights Act, was their final demand.
Martin Luther King, a true leader,
With the Selma to Montgomery marches, made history.

Though the road was long and hard,
With Martin's legacy, civil rights were scored.
Let us remember his message of peace,
And work towards a world that will never cease.
Let us honor him and his march to freedom,
And continue to fight for justice, with love and reason.

Martin Luther King Jr and the “I Have a Dream” Speech

With words of hope and a heart full of fire,
Martin Luther King stood on the steps higher.
He spoke of a dream, that all could see,
A world where equality was meant to be.

He spoke of a land where the sons of slaves,
Could walk hand in hand, with the sons of the brave.
Where the color of one's skin, would not be a test,
And where freedom and justice would forever rest.

He spoke of a day, when the nation would rise,
And the chains of discrimination would be cast aside.
He spoke of a time, when little black boys and girls,
Would be judged by the content of their character, not their curls.

With passion and conviction, he spoke to the crowd,
His dream, a beacon shining bright and loud.
He called for an end to the hate and the fear,
And for a new era of love and good cheer.

Martin Luther King's dream echoes still,
A call to strive for a world that is just and real.
We honor his memory, and his message true,
As we work to make his dream come alive, anew.

Martin Luther King Jr and Black Rights

With voice so strong, and spirit so bold,
Martin Luther King, the story is told.
Of a man who stood up for what was right,
For black rights, he fought with all his might.

Through marches and speeches, he led the way,
For equality and justice, come what may.
With words of hope, he struck a chord,
And lifted the nation out of a racial discord.

He dreamed of a world where all were free,
Where color of skin held no tyranny.
Where love and peace would reign supreme,
And all would be treated as one human being.

Though he was taken from us far too soon,
His legacy lives on, like a bright harvest moon.
We will always remember the work he's done,
For black rights, he was second to none.

So let us walk in his footsteps true,
And strive for a world that is just and new.
We will keep his dream alive,
For black rights, let us all strive.

Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

In Montgomery, Alabama, a time of strife,
Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus, and sparked a fight.
Martin Luther King Jr. rose to lead,
With a message of hope, for all in need.

Together they stood, for what was right,
Fighting against discrimination with all their might.
The boycott began, and the world took note,
Of the power of the people, and the power to vote.

For over a year, they walked the streets,
Demanding equality, and refusing to be beat.
Their courage and strength, an inspiration to all,
As they stood up for justice, and refused to fall.

Their actions led to change, a new law to abide,
And though the journey was long, they never once did hide.
Martin, Rosa, and the boycott, a true force to be reckoned,
A shining example of what can be accomplished when we stand united and interconnected.

Today, their legacy lives on,
A reminder to always question what is wrong.
To fight for justice, equality, and peace,
Just like Martin, Rosa, and the boycott of Montgomery.

Martin Luther King Jr and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

The buses rolled through the streets of Montgomery,
Segregated by race, it was a great travesty.
But Martin Luther King Jr. saw the wrong,
And rallied the people, to stand strong.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott had begun,
A peaceful protest, for all to come.
For over a year, they walked the miles,
For equal rights, they'd wait for a while.

But their sacrifice paid off in the end,
The buses were desegregated, a new trend.
Martin Luther King Jr. led the way,
With a message of hope, that would not sway.

With dignity and grace, he fought the fight,
For the rights of black people, day and night.
The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a victory,
In the civil rights movement, a key.

So let us remember the words of MLK,
And the sacrifice of those in Montgomery.
For their bravery, we must give thanks,
And continue to fight for freedom's ranks.

Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and the March on Washington

Three leaders, three hearts, one cause to fight,
Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and the March on Washington,
A trinity of change, a shining light,
Their legacy lives on, in the hearts of the nation.

Martin Luther King Jr, with words of hope,
Fought for equality, with the power of the spoken.
He stood tall on the steps, and spoke of freedom,
For all of man, his message was open.

Rosa Parks, with a simple act of defiance,
Started a movement, with her one refusal.
She sparked a fire, that would not be denied,
For black rights, she stood strong, and true.

The March on Washington, a call to arms,
For all to come together, and make a stand.
For freedom and equality, they marched in masses,
Their voices, united, across the land.

Three leaders, who fought for what is right,
Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and the March on Washington,
Their legacy lives on, in the hearts of the nation,
A shining example, of true inspiration.

Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights Act of 1964

With hope in his heart and fire in his soul,
Martin Luther King Jr, stood tall and bold.
He fought for what's right, with all his might,
For the Civil Rights Act of 1964, he took flight.

With marches and speeches, he made his stand,
For equality and justice, across this land.
Through the pain and the struggle, he never wavered,
His determination, forever etched and engraved.

And then one day, the bill was signed,
A victory for all, the joy was unrefined.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964, a beacon of hope,
Martin Luther King Jr, helped us to cope.

With discrimination banned, and rights restored,
We honor his memory, forever adored.
For he showed us the way, to a brighter tomorrow,
Martin Luther King Jr, we'll forever follow.

So let us all strive, to keep his dream alive,
For a world where justice and equality thrive.
With the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as our guide,
We'll honor Martin Luther King Jr, side by side.

The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr

On a fateful day in April,
A shot rang out, so cruel and cruel.
Martin Luther King, our leader fell,
Leaving us with a story to tell.

He fought for peace and equality,
A message heard by you and me.
But hatred in the heart of one,
Brought his life to an end, undone.

The dream he had, still echoes loud,
But the man who spoke it, is no longer proud.
His voice silenced, his life cut short,
But his message lives on, in the hearts of all who fought.

We mourn his loss and honor his name,
For the cause of freedom and an end to shame.
Though he is gone, his spirit lives on,
Guiding us towards a brighter dawn.

Let us not forget his sacrifice,
And the cost of the fight for civil rights.
We will keep the dream alive,
And strive for a future where love will thrive.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

A day to remember, a day to celebrate,
Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the day we commemorate
The life and legacy of a leader so true
Who fought for justice, for me and for you.

A man who stood for peace and equality,
Who fought for civil rights, with humility and dignity.
A voice for the marginalized, a beacon of hope,
A shining example of how to help others cope.

On this day, we honor his memory
And pledge to continue his legacy.
To work for a world where love is the norm,
And all are treated with fairness and not scorn.

So let us come together on this special day
To remember the past and pave the way.
For a future where the dream is realized,
And justice and peace is actualized.

Let us remember the sacrifices he made,
On this MLK Jr Day, let us not fade,
Let us come together, united as one,
In the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr,
For peace, love, and justice to be done.

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