Short Poems For Women

Short poems for women,
Write them down, keep them safe,
In your heart, in your mind,
For the dark days and the long nights.
When you’re feeling low and alone,
These little poems will be your friends,
Your confidants, your champions.
They’ll remind you that you’re not alone,
That someone understands what you’re going through,
That you’re not forgotten or forsaken.
So write down these short poems for women,
Keep them close to your heart,
And when the darkness comes, they’ll be there to light the way.

That Glass Ceiling

There are so many ceilings in life,
But the one that’s hardest to break,
Is the one that’s made of glass,
For women everywhere.

Though we’ve come so far,
We’re not quite there yet,
There’s still a barrier that we face,
That keeps us from the top.

It’s something we have to fight,
For every woman out there,
Who wants to be able to reach the sky,
And break through that glass ceiling.

Short poems for women

A love letter, a birthday wish,
A smile from a stranger on the bus.
Little moments that mean so much,
Short poems for women.

We don’t need big declarations
To feel loved and special,
Just a few words here and there,
From someone who cares.

So take a moment to write us a poem,
Or simply tell us “I love you,”
For it’s in these little moments,
That the deepest emotions show.


Women are the cornerstones
Of our society and our lives
They are the caregivers
And the nurturers of our families
Their strength is unending
And their love is unwavering
They are the heart of our homes
And the foundation of our world

Complex and Beautiful

There is something so special
about a woman who can wrap
her heart in short, simple poems.

It’s like she’s saying, “I’m not afraid
to show you my vulnerability.
I’ll share my soul with you
in a way that’s easy to understand.”

These poems may be brief,
but they’re packed with power
and emotion.
They’re like windows into the feminine heart,
and they remind us that women are complex and beautiful creatures.

So Much More

Short poems for women,
most often written by men.
We’re not supposed to be multifaceted,
complex creatures with depth and soul.
We’re supposed to be beautiful and pure,
compliments on our appearance the only thing we’re worth.

But we are so much more than that.
We are loving and kind,
caring and passionate.
We are strong and fierce,
fighting for what’s right until the end.

So don’t tell us that a short poem is all we need,
because we are so much more than that.

The Strength of a Woman

The strength of a woman is unrivalled
Her heart is pure and her spirit strong
She can weather any storm and never give up
She faces down mountains and moves them with her will
She is the glue that holds families and friends together
She is the light in the darkness that guides us home.

Stars of The Show

Women are the stars of the show,
The light in our lives that we all need
They’re strong, beautiful, and compassionate
And they deserve our respect.

We should cherish them everyday
For they brighten up our lives
Their love is unconditional
And we should be grateful.

A Strong Woman

There is something about a strong woman
That just makes the world stand up and take notice
She knows her own mind and isn’t afraid to let it show
She stands tall and proud, never shrinking from what lies ahead
She has a voice that is heard, even when she doesn’t say a word
There is a grace and power in her that cannot be denied
She is a force to be reckoned with, a woman who knows her own strength
And in a world where too often women are underestimated, she shines bright as an example of what is possible.

Love notes

Short poems for women
are like
sweet little love notes
filled with all the right things
to make her feel special,
loved and adored.
They are the perfect way
to show her that you care,
that she’s always on your mind,
and that you will always love her.

The Backbone of Society

Women are the cornerstones
Of our society and our lives
They are the caregivers
And the nurturers of our families
Their strength is unending
And their love is unwavering
They are the heart of our homes
And the foundation of our world.

We are the Women Warriors

We are the women warriors
Of ages past and present
Defenders of our families and homes
Our strength is unbroken
Our courage unbowed
In the face of danger we stand tall
Our swords held high
Ready to fight for what is right
Never giving up, never backing down
We are the women warriors
powerful and proud.

Inspirational Women

There are so many inspirational women
in the world,
it’s hard to just pick one.
There’s my mom who never quits,
and my grandma who has such a kind heart.
There’s Malala who stands up for what’s right,
and Ruth Bader Ginsburg who never gives up.
These women are strong and fearless,
and they inspire me every day.
I hope to be just like them someday,
standing up for what’s right, and never giving up.

A Great Woman

There is no one perfect way to be a great woman
There is no mold, no template that you must fit
There are infinite ways to be marvelous and splendid
In your own unique way, own who you are
What is a great woman?
She is powerful, confident and unafraid
She is loving, nurturing and kind
She stands up for what she believes in
She is strong and resilient
She is beautiful inside and out
What makes her great?
It could be her courage, her compassion or her strength
It could be her fierce determination or her spark of joy
Whatever it is, it makes her amazing and awe-inspiring.

Thank You

Poems for Women are often about love,
heartache, and the beauty of life.
These poems are written to show how much we care,
and how much we appreciate you.
Your strength and courage amazes us every day,
and we thank you for being in our lives.

We love the way you make us feel when we’re around you,
and we treasure the moments we spend with you.
We hope that these poems can show you how much we love and care for you,
and that your heart will be filled with love and happiness.

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  1. May 5th, 2023
    Good Afternoon, I am a Pastor of a small church and I am finishing a self-published book for and about women. I just found your website and various poems about women which I believe would fit well in the book. I am writing this to you to receive your permission to place at least two maybe three of the above poems in my upcoming book.

    Of course, to acknowledge where it has come from and your website, so others could find what you do. Would you please acknowledge the receipt of this request and come back to me with any questions or comments.

    I will place my email and cell number below; I look forward to your reply.
    Blessings and Thanks
    Pastor Miles

    • Hi,

      I might be too late for this but yes, as long as there is a link back to the web-page I am happy for it to be included.

      Please let me know if you do include it.




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