The Grass is Greener

The Grass is Greener is the first of a number of connected poems.

The Grass is Greener

The grass is greener
On the other side of the fence
We all want what we don’t have
And that’s why we’re never content
We see what others have
And we want it for ourselves
But we never stop to think
That maybe, just maybe
Our grass is just fine.

Our Grass Is Just Fine

Our grass is just fine,
It’s green and fresh and bright.
We don’t need any fertilizer,
Or any other kind of treatment.
Our grass is just fine,
And it always looks its best.
So there’s no need to worry,
Just enjoy your lawn and rest.

It’s Green And Fresh And Bright!

It’s green and fresh and bright,
A summer morning in sight.
The sun is up and shining strong,
Not a cloud to be seen along.
The breeze is blowing through the trees,
As the birds start singing with glee.
Everything is so new and fresh,
Just the way it should be.

Just The Way It Should Be

Just the way it should be
Is the way it is
There’s no need to second guess
Just sit back and relax
And enjoy the ride
Life is full of surprises
So just go with the flow
And see where it takes you
It might not be what you expected
But it will be just what you needed

Life Is Full Of Surprises

You never know what will happen
Life is full of surprises
One minute you could be happily married
The next you could be unemployed
You could win the lottery
Or lose everything you have
Whatever happens, always remember
That life is full of surprises.

You Could Win The Lottery

If you could win the lottery,
How would you spend your money?
On a new car, or a new house?
Maybe you’d take a trip around the world.

You could buy anything you wanted,
And never have to worry about money again.
But what if you won the lottery and lost it all?
What would you do then?

Maybe You’d Take A Trip Around The World

Maybe you’d take a trip around the world
To see all of the different cultures
You’d learn about their customs and traditions
And how they differ from your own
You’d see famous landmarks and natural wonders
And taste new foods that you’ve never tried before
You’d meet new people and make new friends
And create memories that would last a lifetime.

Create Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

Create memories with the ones you love
That will last a lifetime and beyond
Enjoy every moment as if it’s your last
Make every laugh count and every tear shed
For these are the moments that you’ll always remember
And cherish for the rest of your life
So take lots of pictures and never forget
To create memories that will last a lifetime.

Live Each Moment Like It’s Your Last

The clock is ticking
Tick tock, tick tock
Heard it my whole life
Tick tock, tick tock
Now I’m at the end
Tick tock, tick tock
Regretting all I didn’t do
Tick tock, tick tock
Live each moment like it’s your last
Tick tock, tick tock.

Heard It My Whole Life

Heard it my whole life,
“You’re not good enough.”
“You’ll never amount to anything.”

I’m done with those lies,
I’m done with that voice,
Trying to hold me back.

I’m moving forward now,
Proving them wrong,
Showing them what I can do.

I’m Moving Forward Now

I’m moving forward now
The past is in the rearview
I’m not looking back
My focus is on the road ahead
I’m taking life one day at a time
One step at a time
One breath at a time
Moving forward.

One Step At A Time

One step at a time
I’ll get there
I’m not in a hurry
I’ll take my time
and enjoy the journey
One step at a time
life is a precious gift
not to be rushed through
One step at a time

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