20 Haikus Themed Around The Concept of Beauty


Here are 20 haikus themed around the concept of beauty A rose in full bloom, Delicate as a whisper, Spring’s beauty unveiled. Dewdrops on petals, Glistening in dawn’s soft light, Nature’s diamonds shine. Golden sunset hues, Day’s grand farewell to the night, Stunning artistry. Moonlight on the lake, Silver path to the unknown, Beauty in … Read more

Daffodils, oh daffodils

A Field of Daffodils

I started with the word “Daffodils” – leading to the first poem, and then each poem leads to the next one. Daffodils, oh daffodils, Daffodils, oh daffodils,Golden trumpets in the field,Your vibrant hues the heart stills,Your beauty so immense revealed. In early spring, you make your way,From sleepy earth to greet the sun,Your blooms bring … Read more