Daffodils, oh daffodils

A Field of Daffodils

I started with the word “Daffodils” – leading to the first poem, and then each poem leads to the next one. Daffodils, oh daffodils, Daffodils, oh daffodils,Golden trumpets in the field,Your vibrant hues the heart stills,Your beauty so immense revealed. In early spring, you make your way,From sleepy earth to greet the sun,Your blooms bring … Read more

Poems about Kittens

Poems About Kittens

Who wrote poems about kittens?speculateIt must have been a gentle soulThe writer must have felt something specialFor in their poems they would extolThe kitten’s virtues, their innocence and charmFor the kitten is a creature of great beautyIn the eyes of the writer, they seem to seepotential in these little creaturesAnd this is what touches our … Read more