The Creative Genius

In the grand hall of the mind, where ideas take birth, Resides a force, unbowed by time, a gift of priceless worth. The maker of melodies, the architect of dreams, In the tapestry of existence, the Creative Genius teems. Under a vast canvas of thoughts, where constellations lie, The Genius, with her artist’s brush, paints … Read more

Daffodils, oh daffodils

A Field of Daffodils

I started with the word “Daffodils” – leading to the first poem, and then each poem leads to the next one. Daffodils, oh daffodils, Daffodils, oh daffodils,Golden trumpets in the field,Your vibrant hues the heart stills,Your beauty so immense revealed. In early spring, you make your way,From sleepy earth to greet the sun,Your blooms bring … Read more

Poems about Angels

  An Angel Of Purest White An angel of purest whiteWith wings of feathers soft and brightShe floats on the breeze with effortless graceHer face a vision of purest peace and light Her eyes, like shimmering pools of blueReflect the depth of love and truthHer gentle smile brings hope and cheerTo all who feel her … Read more

Being Kind and Helping Others

Being Kind and Helping Others When faced with a problem, big or small Kindness comes first – no exceptions at all Help others in need, do not pass them by Little kindnesses go a long way high Greet those you meet with a smile and a wave Look out for those who are lost and … Read more