Peace Poems

Peace is such a beautiful thing,

A balm that soothes and calms the soul.

A moment of joy in life’s symphony,

The music from within the heart so sweetly sings.

Rushing waves of serenity,

The blissful harmony in every scene.

Calming the spirit like a gentle lullaby,

And living in love inspires serene dreams.

Peace Poems

Peace is but a Dream

Peace is but a dream that lingers in our hearts.

That as it comes, we’re quick to claim our parts.

It’s stirring up a hope for better days ahead,

Casting aside the fear of violence spread.

Uniting people each from different sides,

Giving us strength when we are weak inside.

The force of love will last beyond the years.

Peace prevail, wash away our tears.

Peace Comes in Different Ways

The path to true peace can come in different ways,

Some just need a tender embrace to end their days,

Others a thoughtful letter or card full of grace,

And some folks with the opportunity to make new space.

A listening ear for those it would please,

A gentle word for its greatest ease,

An understanding hand that’s always there,

The chance at peace is waiting fair.

Though not shared by all living in fear,

Peace is possible when we have the courage to persevere.

Being Free

Maybe true peace can come from being free,

Living in harmony with all else we see.

Taking time to think and plan our own way,

Above the pain and frustration, far astray.

Determining our destinies and lives each day,

Focusing on ourselves and not what others say.

Realizing choices are our own unique fate,

Achieving a balance before it gets too late.


The beauty of silent contemplation,
Finding within peace and serenade.
From perfect silence it radiates,
Shifting minds to a gentle state.
Dissolving stress and worry away,
As you write poems about peace today.

A Little Piece of Mind

A little peace of mind is found,
In a poem of peace profound.
It soothes the soul and lifts the heart,
Grants courage to each new start.

Verses filled with tranquility,
Bring sounds of harmony.
Look deep within and feel its charm,
Providing peace to shield from harm.

Let serenity reign without fail,
Inspiring patience in tales.
Peaceful verses bring a balm,
Making darkness vanish into calm.

The Beauty of Silent Contemplation

The beauty of silent contemplation
Where thoughts are sought within,
A journey inward to gain a certain insight,
No guidance or external stimuli in sight.
There is stillness and peaceful understanding,
Answers beginning to unfold and become clear.
The beauty of silent contemplation,
Unhurried moments that can bring joy and cheer.

Yearning for Peace

We yearn for peace, an elusive goal
That inner-calm to free our soul,
A balance amid the chaos in life,
To strew clear thoughts and end all strife.
The only way soothes us through and through,
It radiates joy and resets too;
An expression of love that’s profound-
Let go of pain, peace is found.

If only…

If only we all could live in harmony

No quarrel, no fighting, and perfect unity

Giving up the habit of locking horns

Respecting each other’s truth, right and wrongs

Focus on the peace we need together

Let love lead our hearts with no tether.

The only way to true peace long-lasting

Is to learn how to forgive and start embracing.

The Only Way to True Peace

The only way to true peace lies in our minds,

A vision of hope and understanding most sublime.

We must look beyond our differences and see

That we all need each other’s love to truly be free.

When we come together in unity and strength,

Our hearts can all find a peaceful space at length.

And if our souls embrace compassion quite deep,

Perhaps one day we can achieve true peace.

Like a Gentle Breeze

Peace can be like a gentle breeze,

Bringing us comfort and ease.

It’s found in holding hands and hearts,

Not in tearing each other apart.

When we focus on love, not fear,

Peace will draw near.

Let go of anger and upset;

Peace can only flourish with grace, respect.

More than a Word

Peace is more than a word, it’s an action of a free will,

An exchange of compassionate thought and the power to heal.

It’s time to start finding ways to build bridges instead of walls,

Open your heart, end conflict and choose not to take offence at all.

Love is the language that speaks aloud through diverse cultures and lands,

Put down weapons and be brave enough to stick out your loving hand.

Listen deeply to each other, in silent understanding you’ll hear,

The truth of peace between us lives in open minds full of love and good cheer.

Let us honour each person as we create a place for all souls to share.

Daily Life

Though daily life seems so complex,

Peace will come when we all reflect.

When we can look to our inner light,

And understand each other’s plight.

Remember justice and fairness first,

To show respect for another’s worth.

Choose understanding over pride and greed,

Allow kindness to take the lead.

A Path We Must Seek

Peace is a path we must seek

From selfishness and strife,

To create a harmony unique

We have to open our life.

Put away anger and hate,

Focus on treating each other great.

By understanding one another’s fate

Our race will achieve true peace at last.

A Moment of Solace

Find yourself a moment of solace,

Listen to the whisper of peace,

Look towards forgiveness and grace,

Burning away all your sorrows and fears.

Aim for understanding more than justice,

Work to bridge distances that divide us all,

Focus on developing inner tranquility,

Only then will true peace come to call.

Peace Be A River

Peace be a river strong and wide

Free from harms, free to abide

Comforting in its peaceful flow

Laughter, joy it brings we know

May all creatures seek her view

Compassion, empathy unwind anew

Forgiveness let us ever keep

Then walk together on roads so deep.

Peace so Desired

Peace so desired, so hard to find

In our restless lives and troubled minds

We too often neglect the real sign

That just in stillness the truth may become sublime

When we turn inwards and listen deep

We can find a place of inner peace

The secret lies not in material wealth,

But within each heart beats the path to our true self.

To Find True Peace in Life

To find true peace in life, you first must start within.

Accept the things that you can’t change and learn to forgive.

Take time to unplug and enjoy the silence around you.

Practice gratitude and be mindful of the moments that surround you.

Know that hardships come with lessons of resilience and strength.

Take time to nurture yourself with love and not just material things.

For peace of mind, it’s important to reflect on who you are today.

Make room for joy, happiness, hope by connecting with your innermost being!

If we seek…

If we seek, to find true peace,

Understanding must apace,

Forgiveness and empathy,

Compassion and solidarity,

Love and kindness filled with grace.

A journey of self-reflection,

Respect for each imperfection.

Then can be seen a sweet release.

Within Reach

The road to true peace is within reach,

Forgive each wrong but learn to teach,

Compassion shown can heal old wounds,

Let go of anger and shake off the gloom.

Choose understanding in place of hate,

Where harmony can cease the debate,

Give kindness a chance to shine so bright,

And with open arms welcome in the light.

A Beautiful Thing

Peace is such a beautiful thing

Like the birds that take to the sky and sing

It brings happiness and joy within our hearts

Calming worries and soothing away rough starts

No worries or fears at night or day

Smiles on faces when peace steps our way

A moment of stillness, an exhale of breath

The power of peace propelling us to blossom with health.

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