Paths Of Reflection : Poems And Poets

In life’s vast, tumultuous play,Where scenes shift with the light of day,Each act, a lesson, a hidden sway,To learn, to bend, to find our way. From Shakespeare’s quill, a truth so bright,That life’s a stage, both day and night,In every role, in every plight,We learn to act, in darkness and light. Wordsworth’s dales and dappled … Read more

Something Red

All the poems on this page were inspired by something red. Sonnet to a Scarlet Rose In gardens where the morning dew does gleam,A scarlet rose stands tall, in splendor dressed.Its petals, like the strokes of a painter’s dream,In vibrant reds, the artist’s love confessed. Each droplet holds a world within its sphere,Reflecting light, a … Read more

Poems about Enchanted Meadows

Field Mouse at Night

Here are some poems about “enchanted meadows”. Whispers of the Enchanted Glade In the heart of the ancient woods, Beyond trails that mortals tread, Lies a meadow, bathed in moon’s glow, Where even time seems to have fled. Every blade of grass tells a tale, Of lovers lost, of dreams reborn, Queer spirits dance in … Read more

20 Haikus Themed Around The Concept of Beauty


Here are 20 haikus themed around the concept of beauty A rose in full bloom, Delicate as a whisper, Spring’s beauty unveiled. Dewdrops on petals, Glistening in dawn’s soft light, Nature’s diamonds shine. Golden sunset hues, Day’s grand farewell to the night, Stunning artistry. Moonlight on the lake, Silver path to the unknown, Beauty in … Read more

The Creative Genius

In the grand hall of the mind, where ideas take birth, Resides a force, unbowed by time, a gift of priceless worth. The maker of melodies, the architect of dreams, In the tapestry of existence, the Creative Genius teems. Under a vast canvas of thoughts, where constellations lie, The Genius, with her artist’s brush, paints … Read more

Life’s Journey in the Style of Various Poets

  Life’s Journey in the style of William Wordsworth I wandered freely as a stream, That rolls its waters in the gleam, Through hills and vales with careless ease, In concert with the murmuring breeze. It was a sight of humbling grace, To reflect upon this human race. We journey through our span of years, … Read more

Daffodils, oh daffodils

A Field of Daffodils

I started with the word “Daffodils” – leading to the first poem, and then each poem leads to the next one. Daffodils, oh daffodils, Daffodils, oh daffodils,Golden trumpets in the field,Your vibrant hues the heart stills,Your beauty so immense revealed. In early spring, you make your way,From sleepy earth to greet the sun,Your blooms bring … Read more

Poems about A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love Is A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime A mother’s love is a gift that lasts a lifetime, A bond that endures through every strife and climb. It’s a beacon of hope that shines through the dark, A flame that never falters, an eternal spark. In infancy, it cradles us in gentle arms, … Read more

Poems About Mothers and Daughters

A bond so strong and pure, Mother and daughter, forever sure. Through laughter and through tears, Their love endures the passing years. A mother’s touch, a daughter’s grace, Together they light up any place. With open hearts and open arms, They share in life’s joys and its harms. A mother’s guidance, a daughter’s bloom, Their … Read more