Poems about A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love Is A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime

A mother's love is a gift that lasts a lifetime,
A bond that endures through every strife and climb.
It's a beacon of hope that shines through the dark,
A flame that never falters, an eternal spark.

In infancy, it cradles us in gentle arms,
And shields us from all the world's harms.
As we grow, it guides us with loving care,
And teaches us how to love and to share.

A mother's love is a treasure beyond measure,
A symphony of devotion, a priceless treasure.
It's the warm embrace that brings comfort and peace,
A source of strength that never will cease.

When we stumble and fall, it lifts us up,
And whispers words of encouragement and love.
It's a constant companion, a guiding light,
A force that keeps us on the path that's right.

A mother's love is a gift that lasts forever,
A bond that nothing in this world can sever.
It's a love that we cherish, a love that we keep,
A precious legacy that forever will reap.

A Mother’s Love Is Unconditional And Never-ending

A mother's love is unconditional and never-ending,
A bond unbreakable, a love ever-mending.
It starts with the first flutter in her womb,
And grows with every kick and every little boom.

From the first time she holds her newborn tight,
To the moment she sees them walk into the light,
Her love grows stronger with each passing day,
As she watches her little one grow and play.

Through scraped knees and broken hearts,
She's always there, a healing balm for all their parts.
She holds them close and wipes away their tears,
Calming their fears and chasing away their fears.

She cheers them on in their every endeavor,
And celebrates with them in each and every treasure,
Her love never wavers, it only grows stronger,
A never-ending bond that will last forever and longer.

A mother's love is a gift beyond compare,
A treasure to cherish, a love so rare,
For in her heart, her children will always be,
A part of her soul, for eternity.

A Mother’s Love Knows No Bounds

A mother's love knows no bounds,
It's deeper than the deepest sea.
It's the shelter that we all seek,
In a world that's sometimes bleak.

A mother's love is always there,
Through the ups and downs of life.
It's a light that never fades,
And a comfort in times of strife.

It's the voice that says "I love you",
When we need it most of all.
And the strength that guides us through,
When we stumble and fall.

A mother's love is a gift,
That's treasured more than gold.
It's a bond that lasts forever,
A love that's never old.

A Mother Is The Heart Of The Family

A mother is the heart of the family,
A beating pulse that never stops.
She's the glue that holds us together,
And the light that guides us through the dark.

She's the one who knows our hearts,
And understands our every need.
She's the one who keeps us grounded,
And helps us to succeed.

A mother is the rock we lean on,
When life is hard to bear.
She's the one who gives us hope,
And reminds us that she's always there.

She's the one who shares our dreams,
And celebrates our every win.
She's the one who loves us deeply,
Through thick and thin.

A mother is the heart of the family,
A shining star that never fades.
She's the one we'll always turn to,
When we need a friend who understands.

Being A Mother Is The Hardest Job In The World

Being a mother is the hardest job in the world,
With challenges that seem to never end.
But it's also the most rewarding,
As a mother's love can help hearts mend.

A mother's job is never done,
From the first moment of a child's life.
And even as they grow and leave the nest,
A mother's love is always rife.

It's a job that's full of joy and love,
But also one that's full of tears.
It's a job that requires strength and patience,
And the ability to face our fears.

Being a mother is a constant journey,
With highs and lows along the way.
But it's a journey that's worth taking,
For the love and memories that we gain.

So here's to all the mothers out there,
Who work tirelessly every day.
May your love be always rewarded,
And your children never stray.

A Mother’s Love Is A Gift That Lasts Forever

A mother's love is a gift that lasts forever,
A treasure that we hold so dear.
It's a love that's always with us,
Through the joys and through the tears.

It's a gift that keeps on giving,
Long after we've grown up and moved away.
It's a love that's always present,
Even when we're far apart each day.

A mother's love is a light that shines,
Through every dark and stormy night.
It's a love that never fades or dies,
But only grows stronger with the passing of time.

It's a love that's unconditional,
And always there to guide our way.
It's a love that knows no bounds,
And stays with us every day.

So let us cherish our mother's love,
And hold it close to our hearts.
For it's a gift that lasts a lifetime,
A love that never departs.

Mothers Are The Backbone Of Society

Mothers are the backbone of society,
The ones who keep us all on track.
They're the ones who shape our future,
And keep us from falling through the cracks.

Mothers are the ones who teach us right from wrong,
And guide us with their gentle touch.
They're the ones who show us love and kindness,
And help us through the times that are rough.

Mothers are the ones who inspire us,
And lift us up when we're feeling low.
They're the ones who give us hope and courage,
And help us to grow and to know.

Mothers are the ones who sacrifice,
And put their children's needs before their own.
They're the ones who give us strength and wisdom,
And help us to find our way home.

So let's honor all the mothers out there,
For the role they play in our lives.
For they are the backbone of society,
The ones who help our world thrive.

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