Poems about Being Invisible

Here are some poems about being invisible Invisible, Unseen Invisible, unseen A ghost in plain sight Walking among the living But never in the light No one to hear my voice No one to see my face Just a whisper in the wind A forgotten trace I long to be known To have a place … Read more

A Day in The Life of A Butterfly

A day in the life of a butterfly, A journey of beauty and grace, From the moment it rises up high, To the moment it finds its resting place. The morning sun warms its wings, As it dances among the flowers, A symphony of colors it brings, As it flits and flutters for hours. It … Read more

Owl Poems

Barn Owk

An Owl Surveys the Countryside Amidst the rolling hills of green, An owl takes to the sky unseen. With silent wings and watchful eyes, It glides above the countryside. The fields of wheat and grassy knolls, Are bathed in silver moonlight’s rolls. The gentle breeze upon its face, Carries it to a secret place. It … Read more

Poems about Angels

  An Angel Of Purest White An angel of purest whiteWith wings of feathers soft and brightShe floats on the breeze with effortless graceHer face a vision of purest peace and light Her eyes, like shimmering pools of blueReflect the depth of love and truthHer gentle smile brings hope and cheerTo all who feel her … Read more

Poems about Nature and Peace

Poems about nature and peace Nature’s peace In the stillness of the forest, Where the trees reach for the sky, There is a peace that fills my soul, As the wind whispers by. The chirping of the birds, The rustling of the leaves, The gentle babbling of the stream, All these bring me to my … Read more

Being Kind and Helping Others

Being Kind and Helping Others When faced with a problem, big or small Kindness comes first – no exceptions at all Help others in need, do not pass them by Little kindnesses go a long way high Greet those you meet with a smile and a wave Look out for those who are lost and … Read more